A Responsible Foreign Policy

There has been more change in America’s foreign policy in the first three years of the Trump administration than there was in the previous 50 years.

In 1960, U.S. companies reported $25.9 billion in global trade; today, that number is $2.5 trillion, 100 times the 1960 level. In fact, 12.2% of the goods and services produced in the U.S. were sold in other countries. Worldwide, 59.4% of the global economy depends on international sales. The bottom line is our economy is very dependent on business involving other nations, and that’s a good thing. An increase in global trade means more better-paying jobs for Americans, and it also means a higher standard of living as Americans have access to less expensive goods.

Mutually beneficial global trade also leads to stronger international relationships, and stronger relationships prevent wars. It is said that in the history of the world, 90 percent of wars have been started because of miscommunication. Foreign policy helps to keep the world at peace so our sons and daughters don’t have to fight wars that could have been avoided.

The Solutions

  1. Return to the Roosevelt/Reagan policy of building alliances around the world.

  2. Put the Best Team on the field at the State Department.

  3. Expand the Peace Corps from $410.5 million to $10.4 billion.

  4. American troops on the ground as a last resort.

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