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My Covid Message

There is a lot of discussion around the country about Covid-19 and vaccinations.  I have heard from many business leaders asking for my opinion on the topic.  I am not a Republican;  I am not a Democrat.  I like to look at the facts, get opinions from all viewpoints, and then make a decision.  The… Read More »

News Washington D.C.

Biden’s New Tax Plan

President Biden introduced a new tax proposal last month, and that means over the next few months, taxes will become a major topic for debate in Washington, D.C.  Why should you care? Because as a nation, we are $28 trillion in debt.  Our nation’s tax policy will determine how much money comes into the government… Read More »

News Trek

“You are my hero”

The legacy of Joe Shami, the legend of Mount Diablo On December 19th, 2017, I received an email from a rider in Northern California by the name of Joe Shami. As it turns out, Joe … was no ordinary Joe. He explained that he had purchased a Trek Project One in 2003 and he had… Read More »

Gun Control News

Here We Go Again

Last Wednesday, a young man walked into a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, Colorado and fired an AR-556 pistol, a semi-automatic handgun that holds 30 rounds of ammunition. Ten people lost their lives, including Boulder Police Officer Eric Tally, the father of seven children. Within hours of the shooting, the National Rifle Association issued… Read More »

Presidential Election Washington D.C.

Worthy of the title: Citizen of the United States

I love Washington, D.C.  It is the crown jewel of our nation’s government.  The Capitol building, built upon a hill, looks over Washington. Its size and architectural beauty make it a sight to behold every single time you look at it.  Its combination of symbolism and elegant simplicity never get old.  It houses the legislative… Read More »

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