Fix Our Healthcare System

In 2010, doctors performed at least 51 million surgical procedures in the United States, or 1 for every 6 Americans.

In 2013, journalist Steven Brill wrote an exposé of the exorbitant costs of healthcare in America. He reported that since 1998, the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries “have spent $5.36 billion ….. on lobbying Washington.” In comparison, during the same period, the defense industry spent $1.53 billion on lobbying efforts. As Brill summed up: “That’s right: the health-care industrial complex spends three times what the military-industrial complex spends in Washington.”

The Solutions

  1. Provide government health care for those who need it.

  2. Implement the health risk assessment program for all Americans.

  3. Institute a program where students from elementary school through high school take the health risk assessment and earn a grade for their health based on how they score.

  4. Basic nutritional information will be required on every food item that is for sale.

  5. Healthcare companies will be prohibited from making campaign donations so that the health care industrial complex cannot take advantage of the American people.

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