Embrace The Immigration Advantage

55% of the country’s $1 billion startup companies had at least one immigrant founder.

Economic output is determined by how much each worker produces multiplied by the size of the workforce. The labor force in the United States is not growing as fast as baby boomers are retiring. The U.S. birth rate is now at around 1.9 births per female, well below the replacement level.

Studies show that immigration is vital to workforce productivity and economic growth; restricting it has the opposite effect. In fact, estimates suggest that expelling all unauthorized immigrants would reduce the gross domestic product by $1 trillion. Beyond the cultural value immigrants provide, immigration is vital to sustaining a prosperous America.

The Solutions

  1. Tighten security along the Mexican border but do not build a wall.

  2. Remove all limits on H-1B visas to attract highly-skilled foreign workers.

  3. Streamline the process of becoming an American citizen.

  4. Create a solution for illegal immigrants.

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