Reduce the Risk of Nuclear War

$494 billion is the Congressional Budget Office's projected cost of the U.S nuclear force for the next 10 years.

On January 23, 2020 the “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists” – whose Board of Sponsors includes 13 Nobel Prize recipients- moved the Doomsday Clock from two minutes to midnight to 100 seconds before midnight. This announcement marks the most severe security threat in the Doomsday Clock’s history, greater than during the Cuban Missile Crisis or at any time in the Cold War. If you don’t think a nuclear war could happen in today’s world you probably didn’t think a global pandemic could bring the United States to its economic knees.

The Solutions

  1. Reduce the U.S. nuclear arsenal from 6,185 to around 300 immediately.

  2. The first strike resolution is 62/36, agreeing that the United States will not use nuclear weapons as a first-strike option and will only use them if someone detonates a nuclear warhead on U.S. soil.

  3. Lead the charge to create a nuclear weapons-free world by 2024.

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